The Landlocked Forest, owned by the Town of Burlington, has more than 250 acres of meadows, paths, wetlands, vernal pools and forested land.

The Landlocked Forest is bordered by Rt. 3 on the east, Rt. 128 on the south, Lexington on the west and Bedford on the north. If you want to walk in the forest, there is legal, public parking on Turning Mill Road in Lexington.

The Burlington Landlocked Forest has a number of stone walls and old house foundations, vivid evidence of the early history of Burlington.

The Burlington Landlocked Forest was purchased by the Town of Burlington in the 1980s to prevent industrial development that might pollute the town’s water supply. Today, the trees and land continue to protect the water supply and prevent flooding.

More than 30 species of birds have been seen in the Landlocked Forest, including the red winged blackbird, the cedar waxwing, the rose breasted grosbeak, the pileated woodpecker and the red tailed hawk. It is also home to deer, fox and other woodland creatures.

There are over 13 miles of trails running through the Landlocked Forest. Hundreds of Massachusetts residents use the trails for hiking, cross country skiing, mountain biking, and snowshoeing.

Incredibly, in spite of the proximity of two busy highways, walking through the forest is a quiet, peaceful experience. When you walk in the forest, you are very aware of the seasons and the weather. As the seasons go through their endless cycle, the forest, the meadows and the wetlands change color and texture.

There is legal, public access to the Landlocked Forest at the parking lot on Turning Mill Road in Lexington. From the parking lot, walk east along the power lines and then set off on a forest path. Go to for maps and more information.

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