Sublime Relaxation
One consolation for people who think too much - it describes Emma Pilipon his video installation "Sublime".
It is also true that I have not felt so relaxed in a long time as I do there and then, in the darkened room at Skåne Art Association in Malmö. For pleasant soporific music falls strawberries in slow motion across a giant projection screen to be followed by slightly blurry close-ups from advertising seductive world. As an accompaniment to these brilliant colors and flowing liquids roll calls over the opposite side cloth: "Let go of the past ... Please welcome the self ... Let it grow, "phrases taken from the future wealth of coaching courses and self-help books. "It's a shame about the people," wrote Strindberg. Pilipon highlights the means offering our time to seek solace. But the fact is fact - despite its underlying ironic perspective on superficiality, consumption and easily purchased budskaps suggestion force - still works just as Pilipon imagined, for me a somewhat sublime experience that lets the smile linger.

Pilipons sublime words

On one side of me a screen with seductive commercials where eighty pale pastel colors flowing into and relentless. On the other side of me words, black and white in short sentences. The entire room music. Tranquil and soothing. Like a lullaby. I toss the orange swivel chair that is placed in between the screens than one way than the other way and try me in a foolish attempt to look at both screens simultaneously. But actually it's mainly for show because it's the words I lose myself in. Emma Pilipon successful balancing just on the right side of banality and her maxims and observations are genuine. They are sincere. Well meaning. Without pointers. "Get physical only for love, not prestige" I read and gripped by an intense desire to comply with this and throw everything computing gaming tables. Pilipon calls for honesty, humility and authenticity without hiding behind an ego and attractions that makes me want to become a better person. Or at least try. Pilipon follow in Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer tradition, but in a more private than public way and succeed in a personal way, shape their "truisms" without them becoming a repeat or feels forced. Sublime exhibition at Skåne Konstförening be enjoyed best in solitude. In a quiet room which provides a brief moment of spiritual peace.

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