Created for fun, the work of a out for Part 3 (HD)

To inspire people on holidays (who are bored, drunken, funny, nice, sexy, causual, pretty, ugly, "uh la la", awesome, hilarious,...) and everywhere else

Imagine you´re hangoverish after a pompous party in Buffalo. The Niagara Falls appear kind of undynamic:
"What now?", asked Asehot Mov (Facebook name)
"Let´s buy a ball at the souvenir shop and start to make some tricks everywhere we go", said Christian Dos Schantos (Facebook name)
"And let us keep it on tape and make a never ending story of it!", expanded Asehot Mov (Facebook name)

The Mist Tour was born...and will never die...join us!
It´s simple, just follow these steps:
1. Buy a blue ball (not as big as a soccer ball and not as small as a baseball)
2. Go on holidays (oh no)
3. Take the ball
4. Take a camera (HD, 720p, iphone 4 for example), press record
5. Ask someone to kick the ball into the frame
6. Start making some tricks in front of the camera (still recording)
7. Get in contact with us:
8. Send me your work (outtakes included)

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