TEEN A GO GO Clip 4 - Candace Chase describes leeting another band use her band's equipment.


TEEN A GO GO explores the teen scene phenomenon through the eyes and hearts of musicians across the country and one particularly unique and influential community in Texas. The musicianship and influence this community contributed to Rock & Roll is both unprecedented and impressive in its almost “kept secret” state. Music these teens made in “one take" recordings from 1965 to 1968 has become highly collectible and in some cases, continues to receive radio play.

Through a series of interviews with the musicians themselves, industry experts, archival footage and photographs, TEEN A GO TO takes audiences on an entertaining and nostalgic ride into the teen scenes and into the lives of the people who lived it.

Directed by Melissa Kirkendall | Documentary | 78 MINS | teen-a-go-go.com

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