No post processing was done to this video footage the animation was created using colored strobe lights in the space. Neat right?

I'm very excited to be presenting this installation/show of drawings at JSx55 Gallery on 55 Clinton St. NYC. Please come to the opening on Thursday March 15 from 8PM-12AM or stop by some other time, it will be on display till April 23rd.

for more info visit:

About the show:
Anaglyph images use chromatically opposite colors to create the 3D images seen in print and film. Glasses with filtered lenses deliver a different perspective of an image to each eye. The brain merges these into one three-dimensional form. In Split Anaglyphs Tim Harrington inverts the technique with an installation of trioscopic drawings. Rather then merging the images, he uses filtered light to divide his pictures, creating a unique kind of environmental animation.

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