English Subtitled Havoc in Heaven Part 2 of 2, a 1964 Chinese Animation starring Sun WuKong, the legendary Monkey King.

Synopsis: Sun WuKong is again brought up to heaven, this time as Keeper of Empress WangMu's Peach Garden. (WangMu is the Mother of the Jade Emperor.) The Monkey King goes on to wreak havoc on the Empress' Peach Banquet and steals the Longevity Pills distilled by Alchemist Tai Shang. This leads to the final battle between WuKong and Heaven. When Tai Shang later attempts to kill WuKong in his furnace, he only ends up strengthening the Monkey King, infusing WuKong with golden eyes.

I apolgize for the mediocre quality of this video and the subtitling of this piece if they come across as poor; this is my first subtitling job and I have a lot to learn. If anyone knows how to improve the quality of .AVI files or how to do a better job with subtitles, please let me know.

Thank you for watching!

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