"Soul'd Out" are 3 webisodes with creative concept by LaTasha M. McPherson as a start to creating innertaining viewing that would also be entertaining. With a focus on delivering on the internet, this idea began as a college final project assignment. The concept came from years of living a Christian life and not seeing it reflected in mainstream broadcast.

With a few friends, Reggie Roman and Nicholas Miller, we set out to do something special and worthwhile for those who wanted to know why or how a Christian Lifestyle is lived out. Well, in order to do that, you have to be Soul'd Out!

This webisode features Pastor Andre Tate of The Master's Touch International Church in Orlando, FL. He is the Assistant Pastor and head of Pastoral Care for the ministry. leviticalvessels.com

Production - Sony FX-1 cameras, Lighting Kits, Boom Mic, Dat Recorders. Post-Production - Final Cut Pro, Motion, iMovie and DVD Studio Pro. The final output was also formatted for DVD.

Producer/Director - LaTasha M. McPherson
Directors of Photography - LaTasha M. McPherson & Nicholas Miller
Editor - LaTasha M. McPherson& Nicholas Miller
Boom Mic - Nicholas Miller
Key Grips - LaTasha M. McPherson & Nicholas Miller
Theme Music - DJ-U-NYC (Reggie Roman)

Copyright Prophecy House Innertainment, LLC. 2008

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