A demon suddenly springs from the floor, and then runs in front of the camera, before disappearing into a wall.

A comment from a paranormal investigator: "Very creepy video-looks like a shadow figure. Shadow figures are usually negative entities. Nothing to fool around with."

My reply: "Because she moves so quickly in front of (and close to) a very shoddy camera, she appears to be only a shadow; however, she is a full-figured, solid creature (which I've dubbed a "hobgoblin" for whatever reason). Hobgoblins (and others) tend to come out of their portals a little stiff and puppet-like; but, they become more animated and life-like the farther (and longer) they are away from their point-of-entry—in this case, a hyperdimensional portal on the floor. You'll notice that she appears to leap up from the floor first—her back as stiff as a board—before running straight into a wall.

By the way, this type of transportation hub-like activity is becoming really common in my apartment; in fact, you can see it in my most recent video (Hidden Camera Captures Stranger Using Hyperdimensional Portal to Enter My Apartment). As you can see by these two videos, these creatures seem generally uninterested in me; rather, they seem to be in a hurry to jump from one portal to another.

There are four such portals in my apartment that I know of. This creature jumped up from the one on the floor next to my bed, and then entered one in an adjacent wall. In the other video, a man rises from a portal located on the floor underneath my dining table, and then enters another portal located on the wall opposite the table.

Sidenote: I believe these entities to to be fourth-dimensional in origin, and that, as such, there is some sort of difference in the places that portals on vertical surfaces and portals on horizontal surfaces lead to, and that it is necessary to travel through three-dimensional space first to get to those places; however, regardless of my broken-down theories, which I've cobbled together via various Internet postings, I'm not interested in this stuff, and I don't want it around me.

Unfortunately, it persists wherever I go. In fact, it would seem that I have become somewhat of an amusement for these types of creatures—a road-side attraction, if you will—and I have the injuries to prove it. In other words, you are right: they are not to be fooled with. The only problem is, I'm not the one fooling with them. They are just mean, plain and simple."

The location of this event was at the middle apartment in a building behind the residence/business at 471 East Julian Street in San Jose, California.

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