‘One for Tango’ animation connects two separate themes—a metaphor for the motion blur and the childhood remembrance of freedom in body movements.

Computer simulated motion blur is virtual interpretation of speed movement as humans percept it. It could be said that the longer motion blur equals the longer memory of the body position. The delay of ‘the memorized body’s position’ doubles the figure. One becomes two as virtual being starts to play with its virtual-self and the tango becomes a metaphor for the play with the memories of oneself.

The feeling of freedom in my childhood was set between two opposed body movements—letting myself fall down and flying, which only happened in my dreams.

‘One for Tango’ reflects the past as it happens at this very moment in the present. All memories, both joyful and sad, enrich perception and sensibility in one’s life. Life is art and art is a way of living.

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