Main characters of the film are two old friends. They are both 50. One of them, Włodzimierz, discovers that his friend Stefan denounced him 30 years ago, which made his going abroad impossible.

The film is based on two time levels -- the present times and the 1970s when the friends are in their twenties.

Twenty-year-old Stefan, a high-rank militia officer, falls in love with his best friend's girlfriend. Włodzimierz is a jazz musician. He dreams about visiting Western Countries. He is convinced that it is the only place to make a living on music. The relationship of Włodzimierz and his girlfriend begins to fall apart. Magdalena finds support in Stefan, which she cannot expect from Włodzimierz. Matters get complicated when Magdalena gets to know she is pregnant with Włodzimierz. She asks Stefan for help. She gives him a choice -- they will be together and bring up his friend's child, or Stefan will prevent Włodzimierz from leaving thanks to his influence in militia. Stefan falsifies documents. Włodzimierz does not get his passport. He cannot leave the country. Stefan's remorse makes him help Włodzimierz support his family. In 1976, after the pacification of the demonstration, having seen Włodzimierz beating demonstrators so furiously, Stefan decides to resign from militia.

At present times, Włodzimierz is the Police Commissioner. Stefan works as a P.E. teacher at primary school. Magdalena warns him that Włodzimierz is going to be investigated. The secret kept for 30 years is revealed. It is the time for confrontation and forgiving between the two friends.

Screenplay and Director - Jakub Kossakowski
Director of Photography - Michał Ślusarczyk

Feature running time - 31 minutes

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