The third instalment of Felt welcome’s three upcoming artists on a
really special collaboration project. Pleq, Hiroki Sasajima and
Spheruleus manage to overcome the sheer geographic distance that lies
between them to produce a really wonderful studio album.

Pleq and Hiroki Sasajima are from bustling capital cities; Warsaw and
Tokyo respectively, which has naturally had an impact on their sound.
Whilst Spheruleus is from a quiet Lincolnshire town in the UK,
surrounded by farmland. As a result of the inspiration drawn from
their different environments, the solo output from these three artists
is all quite different, with Pleq exploring glitch, drone and
sometimes downtempo styles, Hiroki working mainly with field
recordings and digital processes and Spheruleus focussing on acoustic instruments.

Whilst it took several months for the three artists to
craft the final outcome, the listener gets a sense of not a studio
album but rather a live improvised session. The sound is compound as
if they were all in the same room performing together and yet you can
clearly distinguish the three different approaches of sound design,
overlapping and yet never barricade each other.
The tracks are inspired by the language barrier and obviously the
physical distance between the artists, and are named after a certain
time of day that everybody in the world experiences, irrespective of
timezone or language differences. Almost as if they are trying to
capture various everyday life emotions and transcode them to a
non-language, universal and appealing form. The oneness and
togetherness of music.

Throughout this record, Hiroki Sasajima’s field recordings and drones
are carefully adapted by Pleq with the addition of gentle drones and
glitching textures, with Spheruleus weaving in subtle acoustic sounds
using his instrument collection. Together, three far-flung sound
artists have created a short and beautifully cohesive selection of
moods, designed for the turntable and beyond.

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