Sculpture/Installation by Wolfgang Georgsdorf for the exhibition SEHNEN (Wolfgang Georgsdorf / Leo Schatzl) at BASEMENT, Vienna 2011.

"Raumzeiger (Space Hand) / Raumstamm (Space Log)" is made of two spruce logs, each 5 m long, linked to build a straight line with a bridge of two boards as connection guides, without touching each other. This long needle is suspended on a thin steel string in it's center of mass.

SEHNEN is the German word for longing, desire, axis, bowstrings, chords, fibres, filaments, sinews, tendons.

The German title RAUMSTAMM plays with the word Baumstamm (engl. tree trunk, log) consisting of BAUM (tree) and STAMM (log, trunk), whereas RAUM means space.

ZEIGER is the German word for hand, pointer, needle, index, phasor.

It was the intention of the exhibition to create a correlation between two single works of two artists in a concerted installation. In this case TORUS (the inflated and squeezed in ring) by Leo Schatzl, and RAUMZEIGER/RAUMSTAMM by Wolfgang Georgsdorf

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