Pets18 - Catz 'n Dogz - Lenonki EP
Out: March 2012

1 Mass Confusion
2.Professor Nice Love
3.Professor Nice Love (dub)

Our loveable furry friends are back and ready to drop two brand new cuts inspired by their youth… Currently enjoying the buzz around their latest work for dirtybird, "Bring Me Some Water," Polish mammals Catz n Dogz ready themselves for the first full release on their label since 001, "Something Will Come Out" back in 2010.

Seeking inspiration for what was to be a special release for the pair, Greg & Voitek looked to the past, reminiscing about their first experiences of electronic music. "We specifically wanted to aim for that '90's vibe" says Voitek. Lead track "Mass Confusion" not only pays homage through its name, but also with its old-school sounds and samples. "The track is really raw and switches, just as if you were dropping it in and out on a mixer. We've also looked to combine a mixture of garage and modern house."

On the flip we are introduced to the latest character from the Pets Pound… "Professor Nice Love." The 90's influence continues as the boys inject some r&b smoothness. "When looking for names we were reminded of all those r&b singers that used to have names like 'Dr.' or 'Professor.' So we created our own character. He can actually be found on the artwork.

For those not diggin' the sultry tones of the Professor, Catz n Dogz have even provided a Dub mix of this bass-heavy rumbler…

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