This video is part of a censorship case study, presented by Chantal Duffy, Jade Ménard & Lisanne Bouchard, in the context of the course "ART AND CENSORSHIP" given by Sebastien Fitch at University Concordia, Winter 2011.
Dissertation by Chantal Duffy, Jade Ménard & Lisanne Bouchard.
Editing by Chantal Duffy, Jade Ménard & Lisanne Bouchard.
Narration by Chantal Duffy
Music by Kevin MacLeod of (CC)
Most of the pictures shown came from:
David King's "The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin's Russia"
from James Orberg's article "Soviet Space Propaganda: Doctored Cosmonaut Photos" (
or from open sources such as wikimedia.
The video extract used are from (CC) sources or taken from youtube. You can find a list at the end of those credits.
The animation for 1984 is by Lisanne Bouchard.
A big thank you to Bertrand Loranger for lending us the hardware necessary in the production of this short documentary.
This video was made for educational purposes.
Some video used:

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