Keynote Title: Decision Aid Models for Disasters Management

Keynote Lecturer: Dr. Begoña Vitoriano

Presented on: 06-02-2012

Abstract: Providing emergency relief and supplies to the victims of natural disasters is a hugely complex process fraught with many challenging aspects. These include multiple uncertainties, little reliable information, precariousness of transport links and scarcity of resources, a variety of involved entities, and a fast flow of goods moving through the supply chain, among others. To be able to respond to disasters effectively, it is critical for local institutions and International Humanitarian Organizations (IHO) to jointly consider all these aspects while making decisions for designing preparedness plans and relief supply chains, and for performing relief operations after disasters.
Nowadays there is a wealth of information that could be used to improve decision making in disaster management, but this information is usually not available at the right moment in the right way and is partially known.
Developing systems to manage this information and support decisions in the context of disasters management is a growing area of research, whose special characteristics prevent from using tools developed for other areas of logistics.

Presented at the following Conference: ICORES, International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems

Vilamoura, Portugal
February 2012

Conference Website:

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