Visitors get a 'Smell Me' stamp on their skin and are allowed to smell and sniff other people with the stamp.

Smell Me / Sniff Me is not a perfume, it's a statement by the artist Peter De Cupere!

It's showing respect to yourself. It's saying 'this is me, smell me like I am'.

It's saying appreciate me, just the way I am.

But it's also allowing people to enter your private isolation space. It's saying ' come and smell me'.

It's more than a normal hello kiss, it's sniffing!!!
Smelling and sniffing others.

Looking if you like the smell of the other.

It's a tribute to the smell of your body or the perfume you wear!

The Smell Me Happening at Lupercalia 2012 event is one of the Smell Me /Sniff Me Happenings done by Peter De Cupere Since 1996. You find more info on

Info about Lupercalia:
Info about Peter De Cupere:
info about Smell Me Stamps:

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