This is the video from my most recent installation titled "Wanted for Being" Below is the installation description along with the video description.


Wanted for being is a surrealist futurist landscape based around the idea of social network absorption. A new collective mass in solid state matter has evolved our natural environment due to the accumulation of the self mirrored image. Biological based plants now produce shells of plastic and roots of synthetic hair. The flora of this environment now absorbs your movements such as a web cookie would and re-emits them as a warm, full, and encompassing sound. The sound let’s us know we are being observed then lulled to comfort and convenience by our movements. The sound in turn makes the plants react like that of a venus fly trap or pitcher plant. They react with light in order to help us see our self made surroundings.

VIDEO (Joseph Jagos)

One over lay of the video is footage I shot in Kiama, Australia 2011. The other overlay is a defunct scrolling LCD screen I shot at the Michael Kors runway show 2012. The over lay of the scrolling LCD lines via Kors, is an abstraction from a high end fashion show laid over a common ocean side tree. This tree, despite found in nature, was given it’s place by man and groomed consistently for proper growth.

SOUND (Lux Brand/Michaela Sanders)

Joseph's work Wanted For Being imagined a reality constructed from the online realms reflection back at us. Given the very nature of communication between Joseph and I - almost entirely based upon social networks from either side of the globe, it made sense entirely that I create the soundtrack to his work. After viewing photos on Facebook and Skype, I worked as I do with most things. I would be told this is because I'm Piscean - a lot of time is spent 'sensing' and 'feeling' the subject. It's a relatively short period then actually writing or creating the basic skeleton, before the longer process of layering more form and polishing. It possibly also helps that I used to work creating visuals for audio - I've now reversed the roles, but it's still part of the same process of uniting the two senses. After the track for Wanted For Being was complete, I sent the sound back via Skype. Joseph had no idea what I would be creating, but apparently it synthesizes well with the visual 'real-life' work.
I grew up on 80's childrens movie soundtracks, synthesizers in my dad's music room, and dreaming of rainforests. I think you can hear it - and somehow this is close to what Wanted For Being encapsulates.

Here is the installation performance

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