This is an animated title sequence for the 2011 film, Sucker Punch.

I am, unfortunately, very unhappy with this project. It is not at all reflective of my original idea, which was to have animated action sequences that foreshadow the adventure-filled events in the movie. Due to time, I had to limit the title sequence to reflect, instead, the visual style of the movie. I created a "room" out of 2D images and used the 3D camera tool to make the room appear 3D.

I tried to hint at what events take place before the real movie starts. The main character's mother dies, which I showed in a framed document on the wall. The main character eventually ends up killing her sister and is sent to an insane asylum, which is where the movie starts. I used a document of a "patient's record" to be framed on the wall to represent this portion of the intro sequence.

All of the images used are royalty free stock photos and/or clipart. The music is "Ghostpocalypse-8 Epilog" by Kevin Macleod

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