OK, so the thumbnail is not the Lionel version; it's the REAL UP 844, a picture I shot in Cheyenne.

I set up 2 Lionel Legacy UP FEFs (4-8-4 Northern locomotives) as a lash-up but put the second locomotive in front to pull the Flip Camcorder Car (FCC). That way I could accurately pace the train with the FCC leading the way.

The UP FEF-3 pulls an 8-car passenger train consisting of a weighted K-Line UP express box followed by GGD and K-Line 18" (the GGD RPO & baggage) and 21" (GGD combine, coaches, 12-1 sleeper & K-Line streamlined diner) cars.

At one point a GGD coupler fails, leaving most of the train behind, but I was too far into the production to start over (I did this alone).

The UP train passes several other trains en route to the Chicago Dearborn Station:

First, a PRR overnight train pulled by a Lionel JLC GG1 (note steam boiler pressure release as it pulls into Midway Station) consisting of 6 of the brand new series of GGD 12-1 20" sleepers.

Second, a C&O passenger, mail & express train pulled by one of the most superb models Lionel ever made, an H7a 2-8-8-2. The consist is all GGD coaches (note the lone B&O coach among the C&O coaches) but with a GGD 3-car headend set which follows 2 Weaver C&O express cars converted from WWII troop cars (custom run by JD's Trains in St. Louis). I had to weight the Weaver C&O converted troop express cars.

Third, as the UP train pulls into the West Barrett lead (yes, named for OGR's Jim Barrett), it passes a Lionel Legacy orange CMStP&P EP-2 bipolar electric hauling the Olympian Hiawatha (all K-Line 21" cars; note the prototypical observation car as the UP train pulls through Barrett Station).

Fourth, the UP train passes a Lionel SP Cab Forward waiting for a green signal to back onto its train in the terminal.

Fifth, as the UP train backs into its station track, the Lionel Legacy Texas Special passes on the adjacent track as it departs the terminal. Two MTH HW Frisco cars are interspersed in the consist, the rest of which are streamlined 21" cars by Lionel.

Sixth and seventh, the NP North Coast Limited may be seen on the left side of the shared platform at Dearborn Station, and the California Zephyr is seen on the adjacent station track to the right.

Both trains are led by Lionel Legacy F7 ABBA power: the Cal Zephyr by WP engines, and the NCL by NYC F7s which Rusty Clinard repainted superbly into NP livery. Both trains consist mainly of K-Line 21" cars, but since K-Line made only 6 21" NP cars, there are a few GGD NP 12-1 20" sleepers in the NCL consist.

Many thanks to Marty Eibeck for suggesting this unique perspective! Hope you enjoyed it.

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