Emma Curtis & The Frolick
thefrolick.com, vimeo.com/thefrolick
For full live tracks go to vimeo.com/frolick

Three virtuoso baroque violinists, cello, Welsh triple harp, lute and guitar, and a versatile English songstress playing both men and women - sexy, smart and fun. Stepping away from formal classical presentation, The Frolick invites you to experience 18th-century entertainment as it would have been in a private home in Handel's time, but with the chic modern edge that befits a young 21st-century band. View their Vimeo channel at: vimeo.com/frolick

Video production by Fingercuff Productions, live sound recording by Wes Maebe, GHQ Ltd. Interviews with Directors: contralto Emma Curtis and lutenist Andrew Maginley.

The Frolick: Emma Curtis - contralto; Huw Daniel, Catherin Martin, Jim O'Toole - baroque violins; Natasha Kraemer - 'cello; Andrew Maginley, Lute & baroque guitar; Frances Kelly - welsh triple harp.

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