Hammerfest (NOR) is the northernmost city in the world. A tough place at the Arctic Circle, where in winter the sun
doesn’t rise and during the summer it doesn’t set for two months. A place where the magic of the aurora draws
virtuose paintings of light in the sky, and the power of nature is as palpable as nowhere else in the world.

The documentary “HJEM” (home) is focusing on the fundamental question, what does the term “home” mean
to people who find themselves confronted on a daily basis with the harshness and the beauty of nature? How does
one live in such a place, and why do they live there? We will explore Hammerfest and it’s surrounding area over a
period of several weeks to process our impressions in an innovative documentary. Combined with cinematic images
of the spectacular Norwegian nature and emotional music, the main intention will be to create a personal portrait of
a unique place and its inhabitants.

Title: HJEM

Director: Martina Chamrad, Christoph Kirchner
Director of Photograpyh: Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher (USA)
Production: Christoph Kirchner, Martina Chamrad
Sound: Frédéric Gerth

Genre: Documentary
Technical Details: Full HD 1920x1080, digital
Length: 45 minutes +
Language: english, norwegian
Principal Shooting: April - June 2012
Release: December 2012
Country of Production: Norway / Germany

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