LogLine: A man draws a double of himself into the animated world with a magic 2B pencil. But who is the double really? The one that is drawn? Or the one that drew him.

Direction: Samvida Nanda
Image, Camera: Shivani Kabra, Samvida Nanda
Animation: Mitalee Rawat, Samvida Nanda
Story and Script: Samvida Nanda
Editing: Samvida Nanda
Sound: Saurabh Levin, Samvida Nanda

Director's Note:
I wanted to investigate the mix of mediums of film and animation to create layers within a story. Each form can represent a different state of reality. Where do these realities meet? Can a hat that a character draws in the animation, become his prop in the film? How do objects travel across mediums?
The result is a short fiction film about a man who discovers and (mis)uses a magic 2B pencil which links the animated world to his world. He ignores the words of caution spoken by his double (who he drew into the animated world). When events escalate to affect the girl he loves, he is confronted with a choice of relinquishing his new found power to his double, or to lose her forever. But is the double truly seeking to fix the wrongs? Or does he have another agenda of his own? Which world is within the other? Who is the double really? The one that is drawn? Or the one that Drew him.

My diploma project film “2B or not 2B”

• Presented at Cannes Film Festival (AKA Festival de Cannes) at the Short Film Corner, 2013
• Won the “5th Advantage India”, A Short Film Contest.
• Screened at the River to River, Florence Indian Film Festival 2012
• Won an Award of Excellence For The Indie Fest (May 2012) theindiefest.com
• Official selection for the Tacoma Film Festival, 2012, Seattle, USA.
• Screened at BYOFF 2012, in Puri, Orissa.
• Screened by Filmbooth at the First Cut (a short-films Festival) at India Habitat Centre on 14th July, 2012, URL: filmbooth.in/firstcut_july12.html
• Screened at the Bangalore Shorts Film Festival, 2012
• Selected for Miniboxoffice International Film Festival-2012

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