Matthias Luft talks at the DeepSec 2011 conference about cloud service providers and cloud security: The rapid evolution of cloud based computing is often used to illustrate
a possible paradigm shift in computing. The centralized processing and storing of data allows the development of new architectural approaches as well as completely new usage experiences. The implementation of these
architectural models is a critical requirement to profit from a shift in computing to this new model.
To provide a toolset for measuring potential profits for performing this
shift, we want to introduce "skyscraper": It is a framework für load
testing cloud based applications including a specially developed demo
application for major cloud platforms. Using skyscraper, the results of
several load tests are illustrated to show possibilities and caveats of
the scalability of cloud based infrastructures. The evaluations were
performed against the platforms of several major cloud service providers
hosting the demo application of skyscraper. This demo application is
utilizing all possibilities to improve scalability and security of
cloudified applications, so a guide to the security and scalability
features and limitations of cloud platforms is presented in addition.

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