Artist: Spell
Ep: Lull.

Label: Panospria

Film concept: Kristen Roos, prOphecy sun
1st Camera: Kristen Roos
Editing: Kristen Roos, prOphecy sun

Take one sound artist, add one mesmerizing vocalist and you get an enchanting duo bordering genius levels of creativity. Kristen Roos and prOphecy sun create intense sonic washes created solely from vocals combined with beats from the future / past.

Kristen Roos' sound art is based on sound waves. Whether working with DIY radio-based projects, massive arrays of low frequencies, or sampled and sequenced rhythmic construction, Roos demonstrates that there is more to sound than just audibility. His work appears in the Errant bodies publication Radio Territories, and The New Star Books publication Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada.

prOphecy sun is a Canadian interdisciplinary performance artist who interphases with sound, movement and installation to create emotive environments. Her works, compositions, videos and collaborations have been exhibited in Canada and abroad. She is a master theremin player, an improvisational looping maestro and an experimental throat singer. Her current musical projects include: prOphecy sun, Tyranahorse, Under the Sun, Her Jazz Noise Collective, Spell and The Adulthood. She is also a performer in two movement collectives: Dance Troupe Practice and So So So. Sun graduated from Emily Carr University with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts majoring in Sculpture & Ceramics. Mostly, she enjoys riding on her road bike Mr. Falcon around East Vancouver and being a mom to three lovely cats.

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