In the April 2011 I started a long journey travelling along the Italian roads.

For almost one year I went through Italy along the paths of migration and summer exodus, looking for a landscape in daily change.
I toook pictures travelling through ancient Roman streets such as Via Cassia and Via Aurelia Antica, the Appia and the Via Flaminia.
Then I switched my research working on highways of most recent realization as the Salerno-Reggio Calabria, the Brennero and the A1 as many other smaller provincial roads still under construction since more than fifty years.

It's a work that tells how the landscape around us is changing faster and faster.
20000 km is therefore a journey through italy of yesterday and today but at the same time tries to be a reflection about the theme of travel.
It pretends to be a subtle and poetic work, made of evocative images that open to multiple possibilities of interpretation as many as are the different languages adopted to describe this journey, fixed on the grains of film through the use of different cameras to create and give the sensation of complexity of an ever-changing landscape.

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