The University of the Arts is preparing book artists and printmakers to become experts in their fields. The success of this Kickstarter will help to further a catalog that is being created by the eight current MFA candidates. Covering multiple facets of book arts and printmaking, the book will help propel these emerging artists into professional, creative realms.

We are more than printmakers, more than book artists. We are sculptors, teachers, and collectors; multi-media artists experimenting with light and dance. Some of us are visual musicians, and all of us are part magician. Narratives of all sorts exist in our work, and now we are asking you to help us tell these stories.

Your contribution to this Kickstarter campaign will help us develop a catalog of our work. It will contain essays by Philadelphia artists and curators. Images and text within the book will be organized by the artists themselves to highlight their strengths and inform others of the new work being done in these recently re-energized fields.

Please make a donation of any amount now. You will reap the benefits of our rewards system, but more importantly you will be helping us, printmakers and book artists, to create yet another multiple and spread the word, and the image.

Thank you!

(in order of appearance in video's slide show) Greg, Brian, Anna, Frances, Ángela, Victoria, Danny, and Sarah

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