Iconic sneaker emporium LIMITED EDT and Hollywood-based street luxury footwear brand ANDROID HOMME will release two collaborative twin designs this March 2012.
Based on Android Homme’s most popular Propulsion Hi style, the LIMITED EDT x ANDROID HOMME collaboration reinforces the shoe brand’s mantra to challenge, reprogram and reformat conventional behavior.

Fusing inspiration from Android’s “Reprogram” campaign imagery with the Limited Edt identity, the result is a neo-futuristic shoe with symbolic hieroglyphic motifs rendered from the names and colors emblems of two of Limited Edt’s most iconic stores Chamber and Vault.

Designed by product designer Jonning Chng in tandem with Limited Edt, both designs feature reflective, mirror-finish leather juxtaposed against luxurious black velvet that heightens the material contrast, bridging the concepts of “Luxury”, “Futuristic” and “Symbols”. The typographic pattern, a custom sublimated print, on neoprene spells out “VAULT” and “CHAMBER” on the ankle collar.

Video credits:
Brandon Tay
Dju-lian Chng
Jonning Chng
Gema Putra

Zomby - Haunted


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