This performance is entitled "What makes US womyn..."


Without delving into too much detail...simply put what makes any of us womyn? What has western society defined as feminine? What if we were stripped from all of that societal dressing? Are we still a womyn then? Can gender be captured behind a lens? Can we become a womyn by playing society's game? If you cannot see the person can they still claim womynhood? What if they break the rules to the game? If they do not represent what you consider a womyn to be can they still be a womyn? What if society denies your womynhood? Who is allowed on vogue magazine and still be considered feminine and beautiful? At what age do we become conditioned by society to judge masculine versus feminine? Perhaps the youth is the most knowledgeable of people with in tact innocence and unbias nonjudgement...I have hope for the future that it will soar, but currently my wings are constantly being removed by those around me.

Let me end with what point in the performance am I actually doing "drag?"...think about it.

Special thanks to Stuart Loui for mixing my audio, recording my voice, filming it, and being pretty amazing overall. Special thanks to my gurlz "The Titanium Heel" for being the hottest models on this planet and volunteering their time and energy in being in the performance while modeling their self designed and made clothing! Finally, I would like to thank my boyfriend for taking the role of societal paparazzi and snapping tons of shots on the stage trying to "capture" gender behind the lens. THANK YOU!

Song Credits:
"Nightmare Sinister Strings Remix" by Brainbug
"What makes US womyn..." by Swedish Sapphire (Daniel(la))
"Arena" by Tron
"Scheiße" by Lady Gaga
"Everything" by Myah Marie
"Army of Love" by Kerli
"Vogue" by Madonna

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