Assi is one of those girls who is very much in tune with her body and is totally dedicated to her wellbeing and fitness. She is constantly going on morning runs and detoxes that continue throughout the week.

When I originally asked her if I could come with her to film on one of her morning runs at Burleigh heads beach, she hastily replied,

“Yes that is fine, but can I still complete my run?”

I compromised with her and confirmed that this was not going to interfere with her work out schedule.

During the shoot, we both laughed and found it hilarious that I was finding it difficult to keep up with her during the tracking shots of her on the beach. I eventually managed to get some worthy footage when she slowed her pace down by half.

We were talking about the reasons behind why she gets up early to go running here and she said that,

“In the morning its beautiful by the beach. It’s a good start to the day and it’s also a nice way to get some fresh air, nicer than the gym.”

The day after the beach filming, we woke up early in attempt to get some shots of Assi in, fingers crossed, an empty gym. As this gym belongs to our apartment complex it is often very quiet, with just the occasional gym goer. However, it was just typical that the one morning we wanted to get shots of Assi working out at her normally deserted gym there was a whole bunch of people there also. Not only were there people working out but the cleaners decided to join us.

Assi cringed when two young attractive guys walked past as I was filming her doing sit-ups.

After I had given her half an hour to have a quick shower and put some make-up on I met her in her garden for the interview. However, she seemed slightly apprehensive as Assi is not the kind of girl who enjoys being in front of the camera, and tends to shy away being center stage.

Yet, after a few minutes of discussing her energised lifestyle she began to relax. She lit up when I asked her about her exercise back home in Finland, as she gave me a descriptive story about how at her summer cottage she takes a bell with her running through the forest to scare away the bears.

As we delved deeper into the conversation I realised that Assi’s family, her father in particular, played a key role in her obsession with exercise. He would get her signed up to lots of sport clubs at a young age to ensure that she had many hobbies, and he would also play tennis with her regularly.

She also holds strong beliefs on how when people exercise they should put everything they have into it.

“They should give 110% in order to achieve happiness and get the most out of themselves”

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