Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) is a series of one-night exhibitions where artists are invited to bring their own “beamers” (projectors) and explore the medium of projection. Originally conceived by Berlin-based artist Rafael Rozendaal, this incarnation will feature 20+ artists projecting their work simultaneously.

"BYOB is a celebration of the new world we live in and a glimpse of what computing could look like in the future. Today the Internet is confined to screens. Tomorrow information will surround us, composing our surfaces, defining our spaces, enmeshing itself with the ether. A moving image is never an object, and when it is coupled with the increased flexibility of portable projection, the realm of experience quickly expands."
-founder Rafael Rozendaal

BYOB aims to create a collaborative experience that explores space, light, sound and time. Exhibitions have been held in a number of cities throughout the United States and Europe.

Jack Ramunni and Alex Ross organized Columbus Ohio's own BYOB event.. and this footage is from that.

Music by Beat Culture

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