PIXLDANCE has been part of an experiment working with the urban space in new ways, transforming the space around us into a form of “exterior body” of ourselves.

The installation invites you to walk into one of the large constructions.
You are now greeted by a soundscape reacting on the moves you make – the use of your body actually makes the atmosphere change, 1:1.

Could we imagine the future urban scenario to offer new digital landmarks and surfaces? New areas, without physical walls, defined only by light- and soundscapes surrounding you?

Does interactive installations challenge people to act differently in the public space? Motivating people to use their body in new ways? Bringing people together?

PIXLDANCE is a permanent installation being a part of the project “a great detour” commissioned by Real Dania and Lokale- og Anlægsfonden. The aim of the project is to encourage young people, who has grown up in “the digital age”, to get out and use their body and mind in the urban space.

The installation is developed by Interactive Spaces, a part of the Alexandra institute (Liselott Stenfeldt, Claus Møller and Kaj Grønbæk), in cooperation with light- and sounddesigner Rune Wehner and digital designer Tobias Ebsen.

It has been completed in close dialogue with Roskilde festival, Roskilde municipality and Bymusen.

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