Written, narrated & shot by: Jessie Willner
Scored by: Rooms

It comes in waves
The feeling
It came more frequently when you were young
It's familiar, but you've forgotten it exists
And when you've remembered
Sometimes it seems completely unattainable
As if it slips through your fingers and your mind
Making you forgetful
That it was ever there
But It burns
In a euphoric way
Sometimes in your gut
Sometimes your mind
But mostly it burns
Where you can't feel much
From something else within you that you can't place

Sometimes the greatest things
Can't be touched physically

Because they cause
Everything physically

And that feeling, the harnessing of it

Can change everything

Ironically, it's in everyone
All the time

Sometimes everyone forgets
And waits for someone else to remember for them

Maybe changing something like the world
Is for the brave, the resolute, the unyielding

But you forget
That you're all of those things

If you have a reason to be.

The Mighty Company.

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