The aim of the project was to build a multidimensional object comprising of my DNA code [collected from my saliva] and codes of chosen viruses [Lloviu, Polio, Marburg and Ebola viruses]. A class of objects which are non-human came into existence, they have features which enable perpetual conversion/transformation and unlimited replication and distribution [immortality].

The platform is presented as software system and art installation where are applied innovative functions that allows transformation of my DNA, synthesis of code and exchange in social environment.

I have used the following viruses: Lloviu, Polio, Marburg and Ebola. However the system is constructed in such a way, that this class of viruses can be extended and codes of other viruses can be added to a sequence which is introduced and combined with my DNA.
Another problem the project deals with, is the analysis of ways of making the codes of life accessible and their place in the capital exchange. It is known, that this field is more and more appropriated by Big Pharma, which attempts to patent codes and gain profits out of it. Project is an attempt of creating a new class of non-human codes and making them accessible free of charge.

An integral part of the project is the multidimensional presentation of data in architecture. The project has been exhibited in a multilevel post-Nazi bunker - Contemporary Art Museum Wroclaw, WORM Center Rotterdam and ICCII Amsterdam.

The chosen codes, which emerge as a result of combining my DNA with the code of viruses, may be synthesized. I have made first attempts of synthesizing those nonhuman objects. This stage of work is still in progress.

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