The aesthetics of the installation emphasizes the gap between the cold winter and the interactive and playful space, which the installation provides.

The objective for making this installation was among others to bring people together in the public outdoor space, during the time of the year where the urban space usually is left void. The SwingScape was designed and realized in relation to a winter festival in February 2010 in Roskilde, Denmark. With the overarching theme “light and sound”.
This provided us with a range of unsolved questions. How can we make an active substitute to e.g. ice skating in February? How can we make a collaborative installation, which brings to citizens together? How can we unite audio and visual experience in an outdoor environment?

The swing-installation consists of 2 zones, which are illuminated by different colors when it swings. The lightning in this setup plays a very important role, being the colorful living scenery in an overall gray and cold city. At the same time each zone activates a part of a larger sound universe. In the blue zone varying beats are activated and in the green zone melodies are activated.

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