About the Show: Becoming five different characters in the blink of an eye, with “insider, in-the-know” humor and heart-touching stories, actor Curt Cloninger will encourage your healthcare community to re-discover their calling.

“Visiting Hours” is a 40 minute performance that fits nicely into a day of training, for inspirational banquet or fundraising entertainment, or any time you need a bit of “extra spice” to enhance your event.

From Baylor Health Care System's Training Director: I highly recommend Curt Cloninger to perform for your event. He was a collaborative partner for our large leadership conference on March 22, 2011. He wrote a powerful, moving, funny, inspiring theatrical piece that completely captivated our 1200 leaders in attendance. It was an original one-man show that highlighted five characters who represented our workforce and our customer base. When we read the evaluations that were turned in, we saw something we have never seen before, in that no one at our conference had any negative comments on Curt’s portion of the agenda. His performance was only 30 minutes long in an all-day event, yet 130 people said that Curt was the very best part of the day. He held the audience in the palm of his hand, and they laughed, cried, and were moved greatly by his influence. The comments that people made reflected how powerfully moved they were by his performance. Here are just a few:

“Curt Cloninger was excellent! Words can’t describe the feelings of compassion his message brings! So uplifting!”
“Curt Cloninger was FANTASTIC!! He really portrayed our culture. I was so moved by his stories.”
“Curt Cloninger’s presentation was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was funny, touching, and meaningful. Bravo!”
“Curt Cloninger – simply marvelous portrayal of real people.”
“Curt was extremely refreshing and inspirational!”
“Curt was fabulous. I laughed and I cried. Wonderful presentation that really exemplifies what we do and why we do it.”

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