This is a demonstration of the combination of 3 LFOs from the Ring Modulator, Cp251 and the Voyager, mixed togerher in the Voltage Controlled Mixer and sent to the Freq Box. The Freqbox is then Run through the Voyager and then to the Delay.
THe Patch is as Follows
Voyager to Vx351
Ring Mod Squarewave LFO out to Cp251 Attenuator
Attenuator Out to Cp251 Mixer input 2
Vx351 Squarewave out to Vx351 Attenuator
Attenuator out to CP251 Mixer input 1
CP251 Squarewave out to CP Lag Processor in
Lag Processor out to CP mixer input 4
CP mixer + output to the Freq input on Freqbox
Freqbox Osc out to Audio Input on Voyager
Voyager Audio Output to Delay audio input.
Delay audio output to Speakers.

Ringmod LFO a little past the 1, square, atten7 cpmix10
Vxatten 7, cpmix 10, LFO 2.9
CP LFO rate a little over 4, LAG Rise 0 fall 3.5.
CP Mixer master 5.5
Delay mix 2.2, time 2.49 Feedback, just below 2.
Voyager Oscs off, envelope open audio mix on, overdrive input signal. 1-4 pole filter, LFO set to around 29.

This sounds like a lot of jumbled noise, but messing with the attenuators and delicate positioning of the LFO's, you might be able to make an arpeggiator or something like a sequence.

Use every patchcord you have on hand and let the LFO's fly.

Moog Lives!

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