As a next step of "OBEY yourself", "EVOLVE yourself" is here now.

As a result of obeying yourself, people evolved or learnt
they can ecolve their personality, originality and etc...

"EVOLVE" yourself is the first collaborated movie of FuckFlatlandEntertainment and TMBS(Tanmen Boys).

TMBS is a kind of project by Tanmen(watch "OBEY" yourself. Tanmen is riding in that movie).

"OBEY yourself" was quite pop movie, so I created this much darker and heavier, I think. Probably, you feels lighter, but we created this much heavier spirit.

The music is not a "BMX music", but this music is one of the elements of this movie and the concept of this movie.

FuckFlatlandEntertainment and TMBS(Tanmen Boys) will keep creating original world, and what we feel and feel about BMX using movie, photography and web site.

We can show Our BMX world as we want, which may differ from other creators.

Thanks for watching this, and enjoy!

Shooting gears are;
Camera: Canon 1D Mark IV
Lenses: Canon 50mm 1.2F, Canon 16-35mm 2.8, Zenitar 16/2.8, no ZEISS lenses this time.
Other: Glidecam, Cinevate rigs, Zacuto EVF, Libec tripod

For the next time, I should use ZEISS lenses. Canon lenses were too sharp for our movies.

Music by: FuckFlatlandEntertainment original soundtrack
Edited by: Someone from FuckFlatlandEntertainment.
Directed by: TMBS and FuckFlatlandEntertainment
Shooting support by: Tanmen

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