Californian come Canggu Sushi Chef, Tyler Mars has hopped across the pond to take over the Camperdown kitchen this Friday to serve up his unique take on Japanese cuisine.

Originally hailing from Santa Barbara, Mars spent the better part of his younger years surfing, skating and taping Sex Pistols, Motley Crue and Iron Maiden posters to his wall. He parents sent him to the kitchen for getting in trouble at boarding school, he never left.

For over ten years now, he's been serving up sushi. As well as being Sushi Chef at Deus Ex Machina, Canggu - he's a partner in Zenbu in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. Tyler is credited with dishes such as the Sid Fishous, Eel Repute, Thunderbolt 555 or The Mango Vajango - often starting with a base ingredient or the name of the dish and working from there. He insists that his creations are innovative, full of flavour and stretch the boundaries. You’ll never find soy sauce or wasabi on his plates.

Tyler will be in Camperdown for one night only as, booking is essential if you'd like to taste his delectable creations. Do that here -

Footage by Luke Eblen.

Edit by Deus Ex Machina.

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