I wrote and shot this all in one day. I originally had a music video this day and it fell through at the last minute. So instead of laying around I decide to do something random and fun!

I used a Canon 5D mkII Canon 24-70 mm 2.8 as my man CAM setup. I also used a couple ND filters to get some nice shallow depth during the day. I used a HD-4000 Glidecam , Cobra Crane JIB, tripod, and my hands for support and tracking.

I will say that the HD-4000 is pretty time consuming when it comes to balancing it. Even minor things like ND filters changing the balancing. So I would suggest to give yourself time to practice with the balancing and actually tracking some things before you use it. I was fortunate and had two days to play with it before I actually used it for my shots. Once I figured everything out about balancing, it worked amazing! I love some of the things that you can do with this thing! NOTE: I have heard that the HD-4000 is too big for smaller cameras like t3i or maybe even the 7D. I guess the HD-2000 is more suitable for those CAMS. That's what I have just heard.

My friend also let me borrow a Marantz and RODE shotgun mic for my audio. I can't say how happy I was with the quality and crisp sounds that this can give you! This was my first experience with recording externally. I usually record direct in with a RODE D-SLR mic. Had I went that route for this, I know I couldn't of picked up half the sound I did with the Marantz setup. Especially because the wind was around 10-15 mph and at times up to 40 mph! So the fact I got anything was very impressive to me.

The way I edit is with FCP first and always! From there I don't really like Color Correction or Grading in FCP. I take my sequence and export to an XML for Premiere Pro. Sounds odd I know. I only use it because of the Dynamic link with After Effects. That way I can Individually color correct/grade my clips easier. If you have a faster way, I would honestly love to know.

This time I took files straight from CAM to edit. My usually editing technique was bypassed and I went straight to Premiere Pro CS5.5. I am HUGE FCP editor and I will say I saved atleast 3-4hrs going with Premiere. Bypassing converting files with MPEG streamclip saved me atleast 1.5 hrs alone. The workflow with Premiere was amazing. I have used it straight CAM files before in the past but I seemed to have a better experience this time than before.

Color grading in Premiere seems to be so much easier than FCP. Atleast my experience, Red Giant Movie Looks runs really slow in FCP. Movie Looks ran smooth and quick in Premiere. Again I LOVE FCP! But I love to save time even more.
If you need a quick color correction or simple color grade to your footage, Colorista is sooooo powerful! I have never had a problem with Colorista in FCP, so that's what I use when editing solely in FCP.

If your a FCP advocate, try out Premiere Pro and see what you think. I was very timid the first time I used it and took me a little bit just to figure out the layout. Its very similar to FCP in the look so I picked it up quickly and I haven't turned back yet. Also because you can change your Premiere Shortcuts to FCP Keys!

I love random shoots, especially because your techniques and ideas are pushed to create something that wasn't there 5 mins. ago. I will definitely continue to put some more of these out.

I hope you enjoy.


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