noatikl has some very powerful tools to generate midi continuous controllers in a variety of different ways. You can use these to modulate available parameters on your synths, your DAW or any other midi device you may have.

You can do a lot of wild and whacky things with these tools or, as in this piece, you can do more subtle things to add expression, variation and give pieces a less "mechanical" feel.

In this piece, noatikl is slaved to midi clock from Logic Studio which is hosting various soft synths including ES2, ESX24 some Apple loops and Stylus RMX. It is also channelling out to a Korg Prophecy.

Logic provides some basic mix automation plus the occasional bell tree but everything else is orchestrated by and from noatikl. As always, there are no overdubs or any kind of post-processing - what you hear is what happened when I pressed Record (including the bum note at around 1' 33).

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