A work in progress in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

The cannon is being guarded by Jean and his friend Francois. Jean is giving him a few tips about how to get girls into bed. It’s making Francois very uncomfortable. Francois in our Commune is actually a woman (in Brecht's play he is a man). During the Paris Commune some women put on the Uniform of the National Guard so that they could fight side by side with the men to defend their neighborhood. They were some of the bravest fighters.

Cast: Mitchell Abidor, Joanie Zosike, Carlo Fiorletta, Sean Shannon, Julie Delaurier, Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs,
Crew: Zoe Beloff, Nira Burstein, Donald Kelly, Erika Munro, Eric Muzzy
Find out more at daysofthecommune.com

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