make me Alpha - Interactive Media // Interpretation of Video Games by Lana Del Ray

official website: for our free Debut EP

We are seeking a vocalist who can revamp and elevate our cover in the video above. Can you help us? Do you know someone who can? Check our website for more information!

Thanks To:

make me Alpha // Sound Production
Thomas Williamson // Video Production / Post Video Production
Sharon Leese Lightspeed // Artwork / Props
Bethany Dalzell // Artwork / Lighting



Extra Notes:

We are huge fans of the original Video Games by Lana Del Ray: so thought we would do our own interpretation for a good friend of ours who also loves the song. If Lana could possibly recover our lyrics then that would be incredible!

If you are wondering about the video idea, its our interpretation of the pre-sale video she has done of Born To Die:

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