I asked my old friend Simon Weyhe to make us a music video for "Just a Hand". He had done some stuff with Arto Saari and Rune Glifberg I really like.
He was shooting the Delux team in San Fransisco, and asked me to fly out to L.A. to shoot for a day or two to shoot a little road movie. He wanted to shoot some skateboarding and some random stuff with me and a hell of a lot of stop motion.
I was pretty terrified by the idea. Haven't touch a skateboard for almost a year, because of a twisted ankle, but I agreed to do it. This is what we did. All footage has been shoot in L.A. over 2 days, except for the NYC bit. - Tobias Wilner

Direction: Simon Weyhe
Edit: Simon Weyhe
Camera (L.A. part): Simon Weyhe
Camera (NYC part): Simon Weyhe and Boris Bertram
Grafhic: Tobias Wilner

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