“The pointlessness of art is not the pointlessness of a game; it is the pointlessness of human life itself, and form in art is properly the simulation of the self-contained aimlessness of the universe. Good art reveals what we are usually too selfish and too timid to recognise, the minute and absolutely random detail of world, and reveals it together with a sense of unity and form.”
Iris Murdoch, 1967

The cloud chamber, also known as the Wilson chamber, is a particle detector used for detecting ionizing radiation. It is a sealed environment with a supersaturated vapor of water or alcohol. When a charged particle interacts with the mixture, it is ionized. The high energies of alpha (proton) and beta (electron) particles produce a path and as the ions decay they leave a trail illustrating their half-life. These tracks have distinctive shapes. The alpha particle's track is broad and the beta is thinner and straight. Beta rays are much more common in the universe and explains the ratio of what we can see.

We are witnessing the otherwise invisible with the naked eye; sub-atomic particles of background radiation also called cosmic rays. These rays fill every corner of the unimaginably vast universe and flow freely through our bodies. On Earth, background radiation is harmful, filtered by protective Earth’s atmosphere. It is concentrated in lethal levels in space and therefore dangerous for astronauts on long duration space exploration.

Asterseismology allows us to hear the inaudible universe. Stars have natural vibrations just as musical instruments have sound waves and these vibrations can be transposed by a multiple of 30 octaves and they become audible to humans. Asterseismologists say that they can see inside the Sun as clearly as you can see a foetus in the womb using ultrasound. The first piece of music ever composed from the “music of the stars” is a slow-building piece called Stellar Music No. 1 (2006) by Jenõ Keuler and Zoltán Kolláth from the Konkoly observatory in Budapest, Hungary.

The chaotic nature of particle’s trajectories with an alien music have mesmerizing effect on the viewer. It presents the world as a mysterious and uncharted because it resists the easy pattern of the fantasy.

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