Film by Pamela Robertson-Pearce & Anselm Spoerri.

Narrated by Glenda Jackson

"Nobody gives you freedom, you have to take it."

IMAGO Meret Oppenheim is an award-winning film about the major Swiss artist Meret Oppenheim, whose fame rests on the surrealist masterpiece, the Furlined Teacup. This feature-length documentary creates a moving portrait of this inspiring woman through a poetic presentation of the themes that dominated her life and art.

Beautifully narrated by Glenda Jackson, a two-time Academy Award-winner, the film explores her creative crisis & transformation, Paris of the Surrealists, Jungian psychology, Nature, feminism, the playful and the androgyne.

A film about a woman, who was able to transform herself after a long crisis. A meditative film about her, without her, that tells the story of her life and art, based on her words, letters, poems and dreams. An intimate film about Meret Oppenheim, who for many in Europe has become a role-model.

IMAGO Meret Oppenheim had a successful theatrical release in Switzerland, becoming the best attended documentary of the year, and it had a cinema release in Germany. The film has been invited to several important film festivals in Europe and America. IMAGO has been awarded the prestigious Prize for Outstanding Quality by the Swiss Film Board and has received the Gold Apple Award at the National Educational Film and Video Festival in America, one of the key festivals for special-interest media. IMAGO Meret Oppenheim had its North American theatrical premiere in Boston in October 1990 and was reviewed by Jay Carr of the Boston Globe.

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