Available for purchase here: jamesmoore.bigcartel.com/product/animated-flip-book

James Moore
Brooklyn, NY: J. Moore. 2009

Synopsis: This flip book chronicles the slow mutation of a small, hunched garden gnome into an exploding mass of noodling forms and levitating globules, ending in its reincarnation as a one-eyed botanical specimen. Artist James Moore describes this "psychedelic metamorphosis" as "what might happen when an everyday object comes to life before your eyes (perhaps when you're the only one around to see it)", transforming from a mundane object into a mutant that "transcends the typical garden-variety".

- Printed Matter, Inc.

Condition: New
Category: Flip Book
Pages: 90 p.
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 9 x 12.5 cm.
Cover: Paperback
Binding: glue bound
Process: inkjet
Color: black-and-white
Edition 100
Signed: Signed and Numbered

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