Infinity II, Video Installation, HeeWon Lee, 2011-2012.
Infinity II is an immersive space where the steady flow of a waterfall is meant for contemplation. This reversed waterfall is a virtual image in the real world, it is the fantasy of a lost or missing natural, where man would be away a long time ago. At the same time extremely realistic and almost supernatural, the projection of the image is accompanied by a sound creation from Ulf Langheinrich. The viewer forgets his own presence in space. He lives and acts within the projection, the screen absorbs and make him feel closer to the virtual. The trip erases our own time, over the water he refers us to infinity.

Directed, Conception: HeeWon Lee, Sound Creation: Ulf Langheinrich, Director of Photography: Brault Guillaume, 3d Compositing: Gaston Marcotti, Audio Engineer: Simon Apostolo, Production Manager: Bertrand Scalabre

Arcadi, La Gaite Lyrique, Direction Regional des affaires Culturelles d'ile de France, Production Company: Nuit Blanche Production, With participation: Khiasma

Distribution: Bipolar (New media arts agency:
© 2012 HeeWon lee

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