To push myself to get better at my craft, I have made this project with three movies where each movie should I go up one level. One thing is the same in all, they must have something with Michael Jordan.

Practice - Part One, Task:
Make a video with high speed, where music and sound effects represent the same style. Duration of fimen must be low. The transitions should be done in a way I've never tried before, and the visual part should also be drawn in a way which would not normally do.

Music: Riky Rick - Pink Champagne

Practice - Part Two, Task:
Make a video that has a rich content of animations, but animations are hand drawn and combined with simple 2D graphics. Everything has to flow together and form a film when something happens constantly.

I had to come up with a method which could hand draw my transitions of the elements. Many use Adobe Flash pen-tool because it's just solid and have the ghost feature, but I would try to do it with hand drawings, as a bonus I got from my father the Wacom Inkling, and was really excited to see what it could, but was quite disappointed with the pretty annoying "errors" and hoping for an update someday. Ex. on imports it makes the lines super jiggy and usually when you make a circle you use 4 points, Wacom Inkling will use approx. 4000 points. So much time afterwards to adjust the drawings. But found my method, and got it done.

VO: Michael Jordan
Music: Funkdoobiest - Rock On

Practice - Part Three, Task:
Make a very advanced video using techniques and styles from Parts 1 and 2. Using hand drawn animation and 2D graphics, but this time with 3D and real footage.

- Coming soon.

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