A generative experiment.
The "Jakominiplatz" is the main point of transfer in the public transport system of Graz, Austria.
We created an invisible and imaginary world on this mostly crowded location.
Colorful creatures populate the place and try to make their way autonomously based on their needs and fears.
Like in the real world, the location provides several alimentation zones. When hungry, the creatures try to find the nearest and best suiting source of nutrition to strengthen themselves.
As this transfer point provides many chances to meet people, the creatures are also driven by the urge to meet other individuals. If the encounter fits well, the creatures procreate and lay an egg.
This egg brings a new creature into the world, that inherits several parameters like color, size and form.
But there are also dangers in this world. The creatures have to be aware of the passing trams, that can do severe harm or even kill.

The project was developed as a table based application with ReacTivision and Processing.

Concept, Design and Programming:
Daniel Kwast (affectit.de)
Stefan Kuzaj (stefan-kuzaj.de)

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