Thanks to Loney Dear and Polyvinyl for permission to post as a fan music video.

We shot the footage in the heart of Portland with Carrie in the bright August sun of 2011.
Then life kinda got in the way and once I was ready to return to the project, I felt something was missing.
We shot the male/interior scene with Edward in January of this year.
The peacock cape was made by Alice Clemans, originally for Whsiky Marine.
The dead bird in the video was purely a chance encounter but very fitting for the concept.
This project was intended to be next to no budget with micro crew comprised of friends having fun and being spontaneous and think we succeeded in that aspect.
Female - Carrie Stiles
Male - Edward Schumucker
Autumn Andel - producer, director, photography, post
Martin Vavra - additional photography, glidecam
Production Assistants: Jesse Iiams Hauser, Arc Mission, Michael J. Skelton
To see photos from the shoot:
Shot with Canon 7D & 60D.

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